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Cookies / Personal data

We use cookies naturally throughout our site and via using and browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies and how we process user data/our privacy policy (stated on the whole of this page). By continuing the use of this site you agree to this policy and information condoned on this page, if at any time you disagree with this policy please don't use our site or submit information.

 We never share your data explicitly with third party nor do we sell your data or browsing habits to gain profit or revenue. Cookies that we use are primarily to make sure you have a smooth and joyful experience throughout our site. Cookies (if any stored ) are primarily for statistics and to ensure the basic functions of our site. Cookies may collect analytical data such as, what browser type you may be using, how long you have spent on our site, what type of device you may be using (mobile or desktop) and other non personally identifiable information that helps us with user insight and to improve our site. If you start a live chat (if available at the specific time/in your region ) then cookies may be stored to allow you to continue your chat while navigating different pages/sections of our site, these are commonly stored by default to optimise fluidity and loading times of each page. Our domain service provider / website hosting provider stores standard cookies that may not personally identify you.

We also collect data that you input via our forms (such as contact us chat, contact us form and other forms on our site) to help you and reply accordingly.

You fully consent to the processing of your data on our site in order to help you with queries or other information you are submitting or associating via our site.

We use CMS And other systems and software to better manage our customers and their information, we may store your information you provide us in our systems to enable us to keep track of your information and services / products we may provide to you.

The information we store of you is our top priority and we do everything we can to ensure it remains secure.

Once you leave our site you are then subject to their privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc and we accept no liability or control over the data they may store on you or acquire on your visit to their site. Please refer to their policies for understanding of the data stored there and how to manage it.

As always please be ensured we have great respect for your privacy and the security of your data and we do everything possible to ensure it is secure. We will never sell your data.

If you have any questions regarding the storing /collection of your data you are always able to contact us, if you did want to make a correction to the data we have stored on you or conduct the right to be forgotten please use the contact us method and state this is the reason why you are contacting us.

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